Specials Of The Month


Gobi Shulgum Ki Subzi $14
Cauliflower, turnip and green peppers cooked with light spices.
Konkani Chicken $16
Boneless pieces of chicken in special blend of southern Indian spices, cooked with a touch of coconut milk.
Lamb & Spinach Kofta $19

Croquets made from lamb and spinach, cooked in tikka masala sauce.

Lahori Salmon Kabob $21

Salmon marinated with spices and lemon juice, grilled in tandoor.

Bhel Poori $6
Rice puffs, tomatoes, onions, tamarind and mint chutneys mixed together with light spices. Served in a shell of papadums. 
Lamb Keema Samosa $8
Turnovers stuffed with lightly spiced minced lamb.
Specials of the Month
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